Go be the Church where you live, work, and play.



The Church is a movement of people who can’t hold the hope of Jesus inside of them. Where we move, the Church moves. We gather together on Sunday mornings, and scatter to different kitchen tables, back porches, coffee shops, office buildings and everywhere else in between. Wherever we are, and whatever we’re doing, it’s our privilege to “go be the church where we live, work, and play.”



First Serve

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  • Mow your neighbors yard / or shovel their driveway/sidewalk
  • Invite a family over for dinner
  • Offer to babysit for a date night
  • Ship a care package to someone

    Send an encouraging email

  • Invite neighbors over for a cookout

  • Offer to babysit someones kids for free

  • Invite someone to group

  • Pay for someone's meal without them knowing it

  • Help with a past due bill

  • Fix someones car for them

  • Invite and/or transport students to Church

  • Treat a coworker to lunch

  • Invite friends to church and or a bible study or group you’re a part of

  • Buy a bible and/or devotional for someone you know who doesn’t have one

  • Invite someone from church that you don’t know well to come over for dinner or lunch

  • Babysit for a family that needs a night out

  • Take some items to a food pantry

  • Sign up as a mentor at a middle or high school

  • Host a street or block party in your neighborhood (burgers and dogs) or invite your neighbors to your house for refreshments (just to get better acquainted)

  • Say an encouraging word to the checkout person at the store (praying for them as you do)

  • Get involved with our Fall Family Fair in Champaign

  • Get involved with our Trunk or Treat in Urbana

  • Leave post it notes to specific people around work/school to encourage them

  • Ask people “How are you?” and stop to listen.

  • Put together a team to clean people in your neighborhood’s gutters

  • Hand out water bottles to people on a hot day
  • Host a tailgate and invite both people from church and those who don’t go to church
  • Throw a block party
  • Collect school supplies for a teacher
  • Help out a neighbor with a project around their house
  • Pick up trash at a park
  • Sponsor a teacher/classroom for a year
  • Provide snacks/meal for a teacher(s) during parent-teacher conferences
  • Volunteer at Salt and Light
  • Serve at a homeless shelter
  • Host an international student
  • Invite one unchurched friend to group/church
  • Have a neighborhood cookout and invite your neighbors
  • Pay for the person behind you in a drive-thru

  • Sign-up to mentor

  • Volunteer at Salt & Light

  • Walk dogs / pet cats at Humane Society

  • Go for a walk through your neighborhood and as you do pray for your neighbors, be prepared to interrupt your walk, be intentional about opportunities to have a conversation with someone who might be outside

  • Visit a nursing home with your small group

  • Ask the church if there any families that need meals made for them

  • Keep gift cards ready for people in need; i.e. McDonald's, Subway...

  • Send a message to your extended family, asking them if you can pray for them in any way

  • Put together a group to clean up a local park or gathering spot near where you live

  • Volunteer at CU@Home’s Phoenix Center




What is FIRST Serve?

FIRST Serve exists to help you understand our serving culture at First Christian Church and get you onto a team that is the best fit for you. At FIRST Serve, you’ll experience a team huddle, receive a quick tour of our team environments, hear an explanation of our teams, and have an opportunity to ask questions about serving at FIRST.

FIRST Serve occurs every 3rd Sunday of the month from 8:30A-9:00A. After completing this experience, you will have the chance to join the team that is the best fit for you and serve right away. Register via the form below.

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