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Free Swim

Sermon Series
Sundays, April 22 - May 27, 2018

No running! Did you wait 30 minutes after eating? Shower before entering! Wear your sunscreen! Going to the pool often comes with a lot of unwritten rules about when you can and can’t get in the water, and sometimes that’s what following Jesus can be portrayed as. Join us as we jump into the book of Galatians where we discover that you don’t have to behave before you belong.

Daily Encounter Devotions

Part of growing in our relationship with God is finding time to spend with Him every day. During our Free Swim series, we want to help you do just that. Make sure to join us Sundays, April 22 thru May 27 to pick up your Free Swim - Daily Encounter bookmark! The bookmark will have Bible verses to read 4 days a week during the series, along with some questions to help you dive deeper into God’s Word. We’ll also have a Facebook live video at noon Monday-Thursday each week to help you follow along!



Join us!



May 20 |
SPF 100



May 13 |
Shallow End or Deep End



May 6 |
No More Floaties



APRIL 29 |
Lap Swim



April 22 | Lifeguard on Duty