Engagement Pathway 


The Engagement Pathway | 4 G’s


These are the four foundational rhythms to life at FIRST.

  • Gather: We gather in weekly worship to celebrate Christ.

  • Grow: We allow God’s Spirit to transform us through our relationships with Him and others.

  • Give: We give regularly and generously of our time, talents, and treasures.

  • Go: The constant awareness that we are the presence of Jesus where we live, work, and play.

The Engagement Strategy | The Nine

The engagement strategy helps FIRST attendees move from interested to involved to invested in the mission of our church. It includes the intentional steps people take in their spiritual and personal development at FIRST. These are the intentional steps we take to accomplish our mission.

  • Worship: Our weekly celebration of Jesus and His Good News.

  • Baptism: Our public declaration of surrender to Jesus.

  • Devotions: Daily intimacy with God through prayer and Bible reading.

  • Teams: Where we give of our time and talents to serve ourlocal church.

  • Apprentice: Group and team members who are intentionally preparing to lead.

  • Lead: FIRST members who help others grow in their relationship with God and serve our church.

  • Groups: Intentional environments where we grow in our relationships with God and others.

  • Tithe: We give sacrificially to fuel Jesus’ Mission through FIRST.

  • Multiply: The reproduction of Jesus’ Mission at every level of our ministry.