Christmas Offering Update 01.13.2019


At this time of year, we remember how grateful we are for all that God is doing in our lives. We come together as family and friends, celebrate the holidays, and many times share gifts of love.
So, why should we not share gifts with (and through) our church family? This year, we invite you to partner with us in our Christmas offering to help advance the mission of God through FIRST.


What is the Christmas offering?

This offering provides a one-time intentional gift of generosity above and beyond our normal giving. We specifically target mission partners or mission-related opportunities we wish to expand. 

There will be 4 areas that we want to bless with this Christmas offering. 

  1. GO Ministries - $12,500: We want to complete the final $12,500 of the $100,000 commitment to help Go Ministries create their Leadership Development Center that helps to empower children and students at risk in the Dominican Republic. 

  2. Stadia - $12,500: We would like to give a gift to help complete our commitment to Stadia (church planting network). Our partnership with them finds opportunities to plant churches for children and families both domestically and globally.  Stadia helped guide FIRST as we launched our Urbana location.

  3. Leadership Development - $10,500: To continue our mission of helping people surrender to Jesus, we emphatically know building up people provides the best way to accomplish this. Our goal is to specifically set aside resources that allow us to equip our church for disciple-making. (Ephesians 4:11-13)

  4. Mission Trips - $14,500: We want to equip and empower students and adults by providing additional opportunities for them to serve on mission trips this year.

For us to effectively accomplish the above, We have set a goal of $50,000 for our Christmas offering.

This will complete our 2018 commitments with GO Ministries and Stadia as well as fully fund ministry initiatives for FIRST in 2019.
Would you consider giving a gift above and beyond your normal giving to impact lives and further the mission of God through our church?
Starting this Sunday, November 18, feel free to use the envelopes in the seat backs of the auditorium chairs and place your gift, designated “Christmas 2018,” in the Give and Respond boxes during service or you can designate your gift under “Christmas 2018” using the Gyve app. Any gifts above and beyond our goal will be leveraged to help fund other FIRST’s initiatives for 2019.

Download the Gyve app:

Or make a one time gift by clicking here.

View the video tutorial below for additional Gyve app help.


Thank you so much for your partnership in helping people surrender to Jesus.


If you would like to see your year-to-date giving record, email Heidi at