2019 Christmas Offering

Church Planting

  1.  Ignite

    Ignite is a Chicago based church planting network. They have existed for over 100 years and have impacted thousands. They have made a great impact in Chicago, but recently, have begun to partner with downstate Illinois as well. FIRST will partner with Ignite starting in 2020 to help bring more churches to local communities in Illinois. Check their ministry report video here.

  2. Restoration House Ministries: Renaissance Christian Church in Boston, MA.

    Restoration House Ministries (RHM) is a ministry that helps plant churches in the greater New England region—one of the most unchurched areas in our nation. This region includes 3 of the 4 most densely populated states in the US: Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

    FIRST is partnered with Renaissance Christian Church through RHM. The pastor, Drew Thurman, is from the Midwest and grew up in Catlin, IL. To hear a bit about the reason a Midwesterner would jump into “the city of millennials”—one of the least churched, post-Christian urban centers, check out his video or view their partnership brochure

    On spring break of 2020, FIRST will lead a mission trip for adults to Boston to support RHM.

  3. Strategic Ministry Coaching

    FIRST wants to resource church planters to be able to lead a healthy and spiritually mature church. Hank Wilson, one of our very own, has begun a new coaching ministry that will serve church planters and church planting organizations.

    Check out these words from Hank… “Being the pastor of a new church is easily the most difficult thing I have ever done. I was very fortunate to have the right people and support along the way. God has now opened the door for me to make that kind of support available to other planters and pastors. The goal of my coaching is to help the Lead Pastor reach their God given vision and help churches reach stability and health as soon as possible.”