2019 Christmas Offering

College Ministry

  1. Axiom Christian Campus Fellowship

2012-08-27 20.31.33_preview.jpeg

Axiom is a dynamic campus ministry that is loving and caring for domestic and international students at the University of Illinois. They have been a ministry partner of FIRST’s for decades and are about to embark on a greater journey.

Axiom would like to create #churchoncampus – a multi-use ministry facility that can better reach and serve the students of the university. This space would not only provide opportunity to expand their English Corner ministry, a discipleship venue, but also provide a presence of hospitality during the week on campus.

english corner_preview.jpeg

Axiom has invited FIRST to partner with them to help lead a dream of further expansion. Imagine a coffee shop, tables full of students during the day, and a facility that could also hold worship services. We call this dream #churchoncampus.