2018 Slate of Elders


Brad Bone

I was raised in a Christian home and baptized at First Christian when it was on John St. I served six years in the USAF and a year in the Army National Guard. I met and married Jeri Lynn in 1982 and we have been attending First Christian ever since. We have two grown children; Kyle who is serving in the USAF and has a six year old son (Liam). Our daughter Lindsey is married to a minister and lives in a small town in southern Illinois. She has a son (Levi) who is four months old.

I am blessed to be retired from the Champaign Fire Department where I served for twenty four years. I also have a partial pension from the University of Illinois where I served as the Fire Fighting Program Director at the Illinois Fire Service Institute.

I have served as an elder at First many times and believe in servant leadership. I also volunteer for the Seniors Ministry, Student Ministry, teaching, and helping with the Small Jobs Ministry.

I currently spend my time (as a retiree) camping and fishing with my wife, golfing, and working as a substitute teacher at Judah Christian School.



Matt Burgess

Family: Married to Tracy for 22 years. Together we have 2 sons, Cameron (19) and Trevor (18). We also have a rescue dog named Spike and between 2-4 cats depending on whether you count the outdoor feral cats Tracy has adopted.

Hometown: We have lived in Mahomet for 17 years which is the longest I’ve lived anywhere, so I guess you could say it’s my hometown.

Education: Master of Arts in Community Mental Health Counseling from Seattle University, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Wabash College

Hobbies: Coaching/watching soccer, growing vegetables, making homemade pickles and salsa.

Favorite food: Homemade macaroni & cheese

Favorite Sports Teams: Seattle Sounders (MLS soccer); Chelsea (English Premier League soccer)

Favorite band: Dire Straits – or maybe Billy Idol

Favorite TV show growing up: Mork & Mindy

How have you served in ministry?: Communion, communion prep, common grounds, Urbana Launch team, Family Fun Fair (and anywhere Tracy tells me to help out)


Keith Ewerks












Tom Ewing

Family: Married to Lisa for 35 years. Together we have 3 sons, Knox (31), Kye (28), and Kale (26)

Hometown: Champaign

Education: B.S. in Secondary Education from University of Illinois

Hobbies: History, reading

Favorite Food: Anything Italian

Favorite Sports Teams: Illini and St. Louis Cardinals

Favorite Band: The Eagles

How have you served in ministry?: I've served as an Elder at FIRST for many of the last 20 years helping to lead and grow this congregation through many changes. I also teach classes a few times a year on Sunday mornings.



Jeff Graham

Family: Married to Karen since 1977. Together we have 2 daughters, Melissa and Erin, and granddaughter Brynn

Hometown: Champaign, IL

Education: College of DuPage

Hobbies: Dancing with Karen, Golf

Favorite Food: Biscuits and Gravy

Favorite Sports Teams: Chicago White Sox, Illni

Favorite Band: Journey

Favorite TV show/movie growing up: Ironside

One Fact people don't know about me: I ran the Chicago Marathon in 1985 and I’m a certified SCUBA diver

How have you served in ministry?: I’ve served as an elder for over 15 years at FIRST. Along with that I help with the Junior High and High School Ministries in various ways. Outside of FIRST, I help tutor special education students at Jefferson Middle School.



Rod Hoewing

Family: Married to Lisa for 18 years. Together we have Aaron (14) and Lucas (12). We also have Lilly, our dog, who is the only other girl in the house.

Hometown: Macon, IL (on a small farm)

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Finance from Cedarville, University (Ohio)

Hobbies: Running, Riding, Working out at the Y, Hanging out with my family on the beach

Favorite Food: I love all food, which is why I run, bike and work out

Favorite Sports Teams: Cardinals, but I'm a fan of baseball in general

Favorite Band: Toby Mac, Lecrae

Favorite TV shows growing up: Dukes of Hazzard, A-Team, Fresh Prince

Crazy fad you went through: Tight rolled jeans

How have you served in ministry?: I have been volunteering with Junior High ministries since graduating college (many years ago!). Currently I serve as a small group leader to 7th grade boys in FIRST's Junior High Ministry.



Mike Larson

Family: Married to Lori Ann for 21 years (we've known each other for over 30). Our kids are William (14) and Grace (12). We also have a dog named Sophie.

Hometown: Urbana, IL

Education: I went to Urbana High School, then after than gained a B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, and an MBA from University of Illinois.

Hobbies: When I have time, I enjoy tinkering with all things mechanical, golf, snorkeling and SCUBA diving

Favorite Sports Teams: Fighting Illini

Favorite Band: Several including U2, Casting Crowns, and The Police

Favorite TV show growing up: The Simpsons

Crazy fad you went through: Long hair in high school, turned into a “rat-tail” when the rest was cut short.

One fact people don’t know about you: My first job out of college was as a forensic engineering, investigating automobile and heavy truck accidents. I was a “CSI” for vehicle accidents before it was a hit show. I also have a CDL as a result of that job.

How have you served in ministry?: I have attended FIRST since college over 20 years ago. In that time I have helped with Elementary Kids' Ministry (leading Sunday school class with Lori), Junior High Ministry (helping out at events), High School Ministry (serving food on Sunday nights), and properties ministry. I also had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic this last summer.



Rich Reynolds











Scott Trumbull

Family: Married to Stacy since 1984. We have Ben (who is married to Sarah and has our grandchildren Max and Aliza) and Jenna (who is married to Nathan. We also have 2 cats.

Hometown: St. Joseph, IL

Education: Bachelors from Illinois State University

Hobbies: Wood working, auto repair

Favorite Sports Teams: Illini, St. Louis Cardinals

One fact people likely don't know about you: Deb Orr (FIRST's Librarian and wife to Don the Missions and Operations Pastor) is my sister.

How have you served in ministry?: I served as an elder at FIRST in 2015. Outside of that, I volunteer as a greeter on Sunday mornings with the Welcome Team. I also assist Hank with our Outside Communion ministry.